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Payana- New Stratford School of English

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It's a children game, which is practised with five stones, which are caught. One stone is thrown up, you must one of them and it's catched again. The idea is to throw the stones vertically with the palm, while it's in the air change the position of palm to catch the stones.

Some of rules are:
- Players sit on the floor, doing a circle and it´s played with turn.
- Take five stones.
- Put them on the table.
- Take one with your hand and throw it up to the air, in the same time take one of the table.
- Once all the stones are caught, you do it again but this time you are supposed to pick up two stones, then three, and four.
- Put your hands in form of cup, throw the stones and put your handsin V shape.
- Try to take all the stones, if a stone isn’t caught while you’re playing, you miss your turn. So other people start to play.


Game explained by Belén

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