lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Blind Man's Buff

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Rascals from Darien High School play the traditional game, "Blind Man's Buff."

Blind Man’s Bluff
  1. 3+ people
  2. Blindfold
  1. Select one person to be the Blind Man, and place the blindfold securely over his or her eyes.
  2. The Blind Man then must spin in place 5 times.
  3. The remaining players disperse and run away as the Blind Man is completing his spins.
  4. The Blind Man yells “STOP!” when he has completed his spins.
  5. When the players hear the “STOP!” call, they must stop moving.
  6. The Blind Man must find all the players while remaining blindfolded.
  7. Players may dodge the attempts of the Blind Man to tag them, but must not move their feet.
  8. Once all of the players are found, the first person to be tagged should take the place of the blind man.
  9. If the Blind Man is having trouble finding all the remaining players, the players who have already been found can help, with verbal "clues."

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