lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016


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Rascals from Darien High School play their version of "Spoons."

Chancho va

Objective: get 4 of a kind and grab a spoon
Who wins: person who gets 4 of a kind and first spoon
Who loses: person who doesn't get a spoon

  1. Deal four cards to every player
  2. Have one less spoon than number of players
  3. Assign a dealer and give them the remaining deck of cards
  4. The dealer grabs one card from the deck and discards one of the five cards he/she has (can only have four cards at a time)
  5. Repeat step 4 until one player gets 4 of a kind
  6. When one player gets 4 of a kind, that player grabs a spoon quietly and hides it
  7. Every other player must react as quickly as possible and grab the remaining spoons no matter what 4 cards they have
  8. The player who does not get a spoon loses and is out
  9. Repeat step 1-8 with the decreasing amount of players/spoons until there is a winner

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