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                                    As played by the rascals of Darien High School 

Chopsticks (Dedos Mágicos)

Objective: to get all five fingers of your opponent extended on both of their hands

  1. Each player starts with one finger extended on each hand
  2. One person goes first and taps one of the opponent's fingers
  3. The opponent must add the amount of fingers on the opponent’s hand to the number of fingers they already had extended on their hand then display this amount by extended more fingers on their hand. For example in the first turn one player adds 1 to the other player's hand so that player must then put out two fingers on that hand.
  4. The game continues on alternating between the two players
  5. Once a player’s hand has five fingers extended on it that hand is out and the player must put it behind their back
  6. If a player gets both hands out they lose

  • players are allowed to split up the amount of fingers they have extended on a hand so it is distributed across both hands.  For example if one player has four fingers extended on their hand and only one extended on the other they can split it up by extending two fingers on each hand. This trick only works if a player has four fingers on one hand.

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